2's Teachers:  Ms. Tonya, Ms. Lisa and Ms. Kathy

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Meet Our Staff

Office Manager:

Ms. Megan LaValley

Extended Care Leaders:  Ms. Shelly and Ms. Lisa

Tour Around Our School

Fabulous 5's Teacher:  Ms. Brandi

4's Teachers:  Ms. Madison, Ms. Carrie, Ms. Amy,

Ms. Melissa, Ms. Kelsey, Ms. Bri, and Ms. Tiffany


Ms. Jennifer Cline

Toddlers Teachers:  Ms. Abbie, Ms. Kristina, Ms. Amy, Ms. Rebecca, and Ms. Whitney

3's Teachers:  Ms. Shelly, Ms. Lauren, Ms. Gabby, Ms. Lindsay and Ms. Inhye

Assistant Director: 

Ms. Jennifer Orler

Floaters:  Ms. Kim, Ms. Lauren, Ms. Amy, and Ms. Dena

STEAM Teacher:

Ms. Jennifer