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What is the Fabulous 5's?

With today's more rigorous kindergarten day and the expectations there are for kindergarten students, many parents are waiting to send their children to kindergarten.  

Our Fabulous 5's program is designed for children who are old enough to attend kindergarten, but who could benefit from more time.  More time to mature, time to develop their fine motor skills, time to grow socially and emotionally, time to develop a greater readiness for school.  

There is no greater gift than the gift of time for your child.  This program allows your 5 year old to be a child for an extra year, to put off the pressures of the big world for a time when they are more ready for it.

This class works diligently on beginning reading and math skills, independence, confidence, and leadership skills in a nurturing environment.  This class not only helps your child develop kindergarten readiness, but gives them the time they need to enter school with confidence and maturity and the skills they need to be a leader when they enter the world.